How To Remove Dog Hair, Cat Hair or Pet Hair From Carpet and Rugs

Dog Hair Removal

My name is Emilio with FiberCare Carpet Cleaning in El Paso Texas and today we’re in our shop working on this rug that’s loaded with dog hair… and we are going to show you the proper way to remove pet hair from a rug.

We prepared this little video to illustrate the correct technique used by professionals to remove pet hair.  The video shows that the best way to remove pet hair isn’t what consumers think.  Pet hair is not something that will wash or vacuum away.  Instead, the best way to remove dog hair, cat hair or any type of pet hair from carpet and rugs is to use a brush.  The video shows a professional carpet and rug cleaning technician removing a  clump of hair by using a hand brush on a small woven rug.

Removing Cat Hair

The only difference between removing dog hair and cat hair is that cats shed more hair and cat hair tends to be thinner.  The correct cat hair removal tool is still a brush.  A hand brush with stiff nylon bristles will grab cat hair on carpet and rugs  quickly and easily.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair Isn’t A Vacuum

I see a lot of posts asking “which is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair” and lots of bad information.  Vacuum manufacturers want to sell you “their” vacuum cleaner so naturally they will recommend their product.  The truth is a vacuum cleaner can’t beat a brush.  Professional carpet cleaners will use machines with counter rotating brushes to remove hair instead of a vacuum because it is faster and way more effective.  Remember consumers are very picky and won’t pay for a service that doesn’t deliver the results they looking for so its important we get it right the first time.

Save yourself a lot of time and money and find a good carpet brush to help you remove that pesky pet hair from your carpet or favorite rugs.

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