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Rug Cleaning
Minor Odor Treatment

The client will identify all the affected areas and we will saturate these areas with
our encapsulating deodorizing treatment, let it work for 30 minutes. Next a special
sub-surface extraction tool is used that extracts all the way through the carpet
padding. This is a very good alternative to the costly major odor treatment.

Cost: $35.00 per gallon

Intermediate / Severe Pet Odor Treatment

When embarrassing pet odors are are severe and pet urine has is no longer on
the carpet pile we employ a special process to correct severe mal-odor problems.  
This process involves locating the odor source, treating and then cleaning the
carpet and carpet cushion or pad and finally extracting all the contamination from
the carpet pile and carpet pad until all the odor is permanently eliminated.

Prices Start: $125.00

Major Odor Treatment

When odors are totally unbearable and urine has penetrated all the way through to
the concrete or wood subfloor we employ special techniques to correct major
mal-odor problems.  This process involves pulling up the carpet in the affected
area, cleaning and treating the backing, removing and replacing the padding,
cleaning, treating and sealing the sub floor, and finally treating the carpet pile and
carpet backing until all the odor is permanently eliminated.

Prices Start:  $250.00
We Specialize in Treating and Cleaning Everything from
Minor Odor Problems to Major Odor Restoration
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