Save 'THOUSANDS' in replacement costs by learning a few
DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS" every carpet retailer hopes you
never learn...

  1. Save Thousands by simply "vacuuming' your carpet or upholstery at minimum
    twice a week.  Eighty percent 80% of the soil in your carpet is sand (Quartz) and
    sand scratches face yarns.  These scratches then affect the way light reflects from
    your carpet and ultimately the way color is seen by the human eye.  Frequent
    vacuuming removes these abrasive materials which extends the "life and beauty" of
    your carpet.
    FiberCARE Recommends:  Always using a "Commercial" Grade vacuum
    cleaner such as the "Hoover Conquest" which offers superior airflow and will
    outperform any "retail" vacuum cleaner on the market.  If you're not sure about
    this, give us a call and we would be happy to supply you with a "loaner" model
    to help you make an intelligent and informed decision.

  1. Never use "Plastic" runners to protect hallways or stairways.  Using these products
    will lead to permanent damage on your carpet when the plastic spikes at the bottom
    become permanent dimples on the carpet face yarns.  This damage cannot be "clean"
    away and the only remedy is to purchase new carpeting.
    FiberCARE Recommends: Always re-applying a high quality Carpet &
    Upholster protector to protect textiles against unwanted spots & stains.  High
    quality carpet & upholstery protectors come with the following qualities and
  1. The protector is made from a 'Teflon' base which coats, seals and
    protects fibers like the 'Teflon' found on pots and pans without attracting
  2. Your protectors must "repel" water-based soils such as soft drinks and
    other drinks found on the market.
  3. Your protector  must also 'repel' oil-based soils such as asphalt and
    other oily soils we tend to track into our homes with our shoes.
  4. Of course, it MUST 'repel' dry soils such as sand which is extremely
    common in El Paso.
  5. Last, a quality protector will contain 'ACID DYE RESISTORS' that seal
    open dye sites on fibers that can accept "new" colors added to the carpet
    when accidents happen that involve drinks like Kool Aid or Red Wine.

  1. Aways use a CARPET BRUSH before vacuuming to loosen dry soils that have
    adhered to the carpet fibers.  Agitating these soils will allow your vacuum cleaner to
    remove more soil.  
    FiberCARE Recommends: Using a Grandi Brush on your carpet.  It is a
    FABULOUS solution for removing Pet Hair and other dry soil particulate found
    on carpet.  A hand brush version is also available for upholstery and stairways.

  1. Never "Spray" any spotting solution directly into a "spot".  We all learned to
    treat spots this way, but it's the worse thing you can do.  Applying a cleaner directly
    on the spot will remove the surface tension and allow the soil to migrate deeper into
    the carpet.  Then you end up with 2 problems instead of 1 because you then have to
    figure out how to get the soil back to the surface. Instead apply your cleaner into a
    'white' towel and tamp it over the spot until it releases.
    FiberCARE recommends: Using our 'INCREDIBLE' Extremely Clean Spotter
    which is tough on spots and "safe" on carpet.  Unlike other products on the
    market, it does not contain BLEACH or SOLVENTS that provide instant
    gratification, but cause recurring spots to re-appear within days.

  1. All the floors in your home are a "FLOORING SYSTEM" and what that means is
    that the cleaners you apply to one surface affect the other.  Many times we use
    cleaners on tile such as "Pinesol", "Fabuloso" and the "Swiffer" that leads to
    unnecessary traffic lanes from residues at transition points between tile and carpet.  
    Those dark traffic lanes are residue caused from cleaners that have been tracked
    onto carpet.
    FiberCARE Recommends: Using only products specifically made for tile and
    grout.  Be sure to select a neutral cleaner with a 7 pH.  The key is to follow the
    application instruction very carefully.  All cleaners must be applied and properly
    rinsed in order to avoid problems.


  1. Over the counter products are very expensive and have many limitations.  We instead
    offer a very effective 'recipe' you can use to treat odors when they are still fresh.  
    Click Here to download your "FREE" Copy.
  2. Seek professional help if the odor continues.  A great cleaner will 'guarantee' their
    results and explain why odors occur.


Inevitably the day will come when we must replace our carpets.  Unfortunately, must
consumers are enticed by sales people to buy carpet based on color and thickness.  Here a
several valuable tips to help you make better, more informed "buying" decisions when it
comes time to replace your carpet.
  1. There are 3 main carpet fibers on the market today.  They are nylon, polyester
    and olefin.  Each have their PROS and CONS so consider which will best fit your
    needs.  Click Here to download your "FREE" Copy of our 'Carpet Characteristics'
    FiberCARE Recommends: Installing Nylon Carpet  However there are 2
    types of nylon, so be sure to ask for TYPE 6, 6.  The performance is

  1. Always install your carpet over an 8 pound carpet cushion (or pad).  Most
    retailers will sell you a " 4 pound pad" and never inform the consumer about the
    industry standards or how inferior pad will break down over time and result in
    permanent visible traffic lanes.  They do this to cut corners and pocket the savings.  
    Unfortunately, sub-standard carpet cushion only lasts a couple of years (just enough
    to exceed the warranty) and then breaks down.  Homeowners must then deal with ugly
    wrinkles (or buckles) on the carpet or unsightly traffic lanes that are caused 'not by
    soil', but by an uneven pad that no longer reflects light (ie. color) evenly.

  1. Ensure carpet cushion (pad) is unrolled and allowed to expand at least 24
    hours before installation.  Most installers are always in a hurry to get to their next
    job and fail to take this critical step.  They instead open the rolls of carpet cushion for
    the first time at the time of installation.  The pad which is "vacuum" packed to 75% of
    its original size will not have enough time to expand for proper installation and this will
    lead to costly unnecessary  repairs.
    FiberCARE Recommends:  Coordinating with the installer and having them
    schedule 2 appointments with you.  The first is just to drop off the pad and
    unroll it in your garage or back yard where in can expand.  The second is for
    the actual installation at least 24 after the first appointment.
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