Are  You  About To Take  A  JACK HAMMER To
Your  Tile  Floors  Because  You’re  Sick  Of  
Looking   At  Those   Filthy   Grout   Lines?
FiberCare Cleaning Systems can thoroughly clean your tile
and grout and make it look like it was just freshly laid.  The
old days of mops and toothbrushes are gone forever!! Our
cleaning process flushes out more dirt than a mop and
bucket ever could.  Our new technology allows us to clean
your tile and grout with highly pressurized hot water with
complete control and removal for the most thorough
cleaning ever seen!  After the cleaning process we can
apply a professional application of an impregnating sealer
which will leave your floors so much easier to clean.

Do your shower tiles have the dark mineral deposits on it.  
No matter how hard you scrub it still doesn’t budge.  Well
guess what?  We can even remove the toughest mineral
deposits that have accumulated in your bathrooms.
Hard surfaces that are unsealed or
sealed with poor quality sealers are a
sponge for oil, food, or beverage
spills which can result in permanent
staining.  Proper sealing and
maintenance can protect your flooring
investment from permanent damage
by creating an invisible barrier to
reduce spill penetration.
If you have any of these hard surfaces in or surrounding your home you will be
amazed at how soiled they really are once we spot test an area for you.
* Ceramic Tile        * Slate
* Porcelain             * Concrete               
* Travertine           * Tile
* Counter Tops
Did You Know!
  1. Vinegar and ammonia can damage
    most sealers.
  2. Most Contractors do not seal the
    surfaces they install because they
    don’t have time to come back once
    the grout has set.
  3. Many floor cleaning products leave a
    residue that can attract soil.
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